Stay Fit Adults and Kidz

I created StayFit to help the community battle the obesity epidemic.

It is a Comprehensive Medical/Holistic Approach to Weight Loss/Gain (17 years and older)

Combines Medication(s), Natural Weight Loss/Gain Supplements, Nutrition and Exercise

It’s Time to Get Healthy!!!


It is time to take control of our physical and mental health. Diseases in our children continue to rise.

Did you know that there are more than 7 million over weight/obese children in the USA.

This means our children are not eating properly and not exercising enough, which absolutely leads to childhood and adulthood disease and low self esteem.

How many more antibiotics and vaccines are we going to create to fight off childhood diseases. 93 % of our healthcare dollars are spent on treatment and only 7 % is spent on the prevention.

My 20 years of being a Pediatrician has made it very clear to me how important it is to fuel our body with the correct nutrients (proper diet, vitamins and supplements) along with proper exercise in order to live a life that is full and one of quality.