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Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic

Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic Obesity in America is at an epidemic level. It is a global issue and the statistics only prove that it continues to rise. The world's children face the threats of this global obesity epidemic and the prevalence of obesity in children continue to rise. Over the last 30 years the [...]

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Babies and Beyond Pediatrics

Babies and Beyond Pediatrics I created Babies and Beyond Pediatrics to give high quality service to babies, children and adolescents in Florida. Our Goals: Create a healthy mind, body and soul Reduce and eliminate hospital admissions and missed school or work time Educate about well child care, disease prevention, immunization and development Eliminate the need for [...]

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Stay Fit For Adults

Stay Fit Adults and Kidz I created StayFit to help the community battle the obesity epidemic. It is a Comprehensive Medical/Holistic Approach to Weight Loss/Gain (17 years and older) Combines Medication(s), Natural Weight Loss/Gain Supplements, Nutrition and Exercise It’s Time to Get Healthy!!! WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM(S) &/Or HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY PROGRAM(S) It is time to [...]

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